May 15

Heather Renee Skarina (Skeen)

Heather renee6

On July 8, 1983, Leyona never thought that she would only have 8,108 days to share this world with her daughter, Heather Renee. For reasons that have yet to be explained Heather Renee was found dead September 18, 2005 on the floor of her estranged father’s, Michael Skarina, bedroom floor.

Leyona begged the police to investigate this matter, her daughter was estranged from Michael and had been for most of her life. One of Heather’s last phone calls to Michael prior to her being found dead in his apartment was his invitation to his upcoming wedding and Heather Renee saying “no, pay me what you owe me in back child support”. Perhaps it was the fear that Heather Renee was going to take him to court for these funds so she could go to college that prompted Michael to go get her from her home in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Leyona provided law enforcement with medical records where Heather Renee had recently told her doctor that she had no relationship with Michael, in fact she would often refer to him as her “sperm donor”, Heather Renee admitted that she had a “hatred” towards Michael.

Why would Heather Renee leave her home without a matching pair of shoes, none of her make-up, laundry in the washer, her cellphone charger plugged into the wall, without her car, and not tell her employer or her family and friends that she was going for a “visit” to Michael’s?

Why did Heather Renee try on multiple occasions to try and leave Michael’s?

Why were the only drugs found in Heather Renee’s system with lethal amounts prescribed to Michael?

If they had been drinking the Friday night prior to Heather Renee’s death, why was there no alcohol found in her system?

If Michael had last seen Heather Renee alive at 10:20 – 10:30 PM, how was her body in such a state of rigor mortis when law enforcement and EMS arrived 12 hours later? In fact according to statements, she was so stiff it took 3 people to turn her.

Why did the first officer who arrived at the scene state that it was “wishy-washy” when calling for investigators to the scene? Why did he question information given to him by Michael? If Heather Renee and Michael were as close as Michael would lead people to believe, why did Michael not know Heather’s birthday when asked? (Remember, she is his first born child)

Why was this case not handed over immediately to the Louisiana State Police once it was brought to the attention of Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office that Michael Skarina was at the time an employee of the RPSO?

These are just some of the questions that have caused people to question why law enforcement took the word of the last person to see her alive instead of investigating this properly.

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