January 4

After a long break…

Well, as many have noticed we have been away..

Leyona had to take a step back, as you can imagine this is taxing on her emotionally and physically. The death of a child is never easy, but when you know you child died of foul play and the General Attorney of Louisiana and the Rapids Parish Sheriff’s office keep stalling in releasing information, the Coroner/Medical Examiner will not release the autopsy report, no one will tell you where your child’s belongs are, the hospital that she was taken to after her body was recovered cannot find the record of her being there and the list goes on… Leyona needed time to step back and reset before we continued this fight.

I on the other hand, got a job as a medicolegal death investigator for one of the biggest offices in the country, during this time, I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice/Forensic Science, went on to get my American Board of Medical Death Investigators certification and gained a lot of knowledge to properly start asking the hard questions for the fine establishments in Louisiana. Needless to say, I have learned that when investigating a death to trust my gut, I do it every day at work and it has paid off big time. Now, more than ever I realize that when it comes to the case of Heather Renee, my gut has not been lying to me. My gut tells me there is much more to this story and this year, in 2018 we will work harder to get answers for Heather.

Welcome to the New Year, get ready for a bumpy ride. We have questions, we have demands and NOW we have the tools to finally get answers!!

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