May 15

How many lies can the police tell???

So just when we thought the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office was all out of lies they managed to come up with a few more…

This is the response I received from Lt. Keith Perkins a month after my FOIA request had been sent (I mailed it March 7th, 2016). This response is to an email sent April 6th, 2016: (our rebuttal will be in blue)

1.       You have the majority of the file already.

No, we do not, Lt. Carnline stated that this file was over 2 inches thick two years ago. I received 91 pages which is less than 1/2 inch. So, no we do not have a “majority of the file already”.

2.       At the time we only used cassette recorders and you have the typed statements from those recordings.

Within the March, 2006 investigative report from Det. Stephans, it states “Audio CD from Lt. Bordeleon when he first arrived on scene was included with the file”. So no you did not use cassette recorders, in fact I am pretty sure you used digital voice recorders that were transferred over to CD. But there is proof that audio CD’s do exist in this case.

3.        I am supplying you with the photos I received from crime scene detectives.

I do hope that these are copied on a CD as I requested in my FOIA request and not the darkened black and white copies that were sent to the family.

4.       There were no in car camera’s used in 2005 nor do I see anything concerning patrolman, “ Westley Clark”

First, I had to correct the name of the patrolman from Westley Clark to Wayne Clark, but since Lt. Perkins has formally acknowledged this via email, I will be sending another FOIA. As far as “in car camera” this is also a lie on the part of Lt. Perkins because the same March, 2006 report from Det. Stephan’s states “due to positioning of the vehicles, the video could not be obtained”. However, this does not clarify where the video from the call to the home of Leslie Clark’s mother is or if it had been obtained for this investigation.

5.       There is no mention of 911 recordings or calls in the file and no EMS reports either.

This one is very interesting for the fact that during that same “Audio CD” of Lt. Bordeleon’s initial arrival at the scene (that was sent to us via the Attorney General’s office last week) we can clearly state that the EMS report will be sent upon completion to include in the case file. In fact, they left the leads on Heather’s body and took photographs to “cover all basis” when it came to this case. So you mean to tell me that during a criminal investigation you did not collect the 911 recordings (to judge the demeanor of the caller) nor the EMS report (to gain information that may have been told to them while they were at the scene)?? Well, if you had maybe you would have noticed the lies that where told by Michael Skarina to the EMS personnel, because we were able to obtain it and we know the lie he told. In fact this lie was proven to be incorrect information by a police report that was written by the same Officer Wayne Clark who we are asking about the in car video information. Oh one more thing, did you question Officer Clark about his dealings with the victim prior to her death?

6.      We did not videotape interrogation interviews in 2005.

Oh, Lt. Perkins, the next time you choose to lie to someone, make sure it is not someone who does their homework first. Look up STATE V. McCARTNEY (No. 96-58) . Lt. Perkins is that not you when you were a detective listed in this Appeal ….

“Defendant claims Detective Keith Perkins of the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office made certain promises regarding protection for his girlfriend and family in exchange for him making the statements. Detective Perkins testified that he did not make any such promises. Defendant asserted at trial that during his videotaped confession he asked for protection for his girlfriend and loved ones several times, and Detective Perkins replied, “okay.”

We are reading that official court document correct, this case is from 1995, so tell us again how you did not have videotaped interrogation interviews because anyone who clicks on the link above will see that this case is largely because the suspect says his videotaped interrogation was done prior to being given his rights because of a conflict in the time differences. Regardless, Lt. Perkins, it shows you to be a liar again.

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