June 21

Tired of playing..

Since Lt. Perkins would not address my questions or request via email. I have sent a detailed FOIA request of the information we are seeking. Maybe this time they will understand that we are not giving up. Thank you for signing for the letter…your 72 hours are 24 hours past…I expect a response no later than Thursday!!

June 21

The file arrived and they have to be joking!!

Well, the long awaited file came in and much to my disappointment it was a bunch of same. They did, however, include two audio CD’s. The first being between Michael Skarina and Det. Mike Stephan of the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office. This was about 5 minutes in length from when he first talked to Michael at the scene. The second was the interview with Christopher Skarina at the Sheriff’s Office on September 19, 2005. This was interesting, first we have the contradiction between what Michael had told investigators and what Christopher said, on the simplest of things like where was Christopher on the Friday night prior to Heather’s death. Then there was the question on where exactly Michael Skarina’s mother lives in comparison to his house, which is odd that the day after Heather was found the Detective asked if Grandma lived next door. This was a very important question because it would be questioned by Heather’s mother a few months later.

They have continued to only send 14 pictures, I talked to someone at RPSO last week and he suggested that I contact Ball Police Department because they were the first one on the scene and further suggested that the two different agencies were conducting their own investigation. I found this odd considering that according to the reports I have it was turned over to the RPSO on the day of Heather’s death. It is really starting to sound like each department is going to play the blame game as to why this death was not investigated properly. Well, we have a good idea on why, and we will be bring this to the attention of those who need to investigate why they would go to such great lengths to derail the investigation to Heather Renee’s death.