May 16

Those who have been denied…

Every year there are families who are denied justice for their loved ones. Often times we never hear about these cases unless they make national news.

Everyone has heard of JonBenet Ramsey but how many have heard of Heather Renee Skarina (Skeen)?

We have all heard about the Black Dahlia – Elizabeth Short, however what about the murders of 16-year-old Daniel Davis and 17-year-old Ruth Shelton were both shot, 20-year-old Jayne Friedt had been stabbed to death, and 16-year-old Mark Flemmonds had been beaten to death with a chain?

We have heard the tales of Bob Crane of Hogan Heroes fame and how his murder is still unsolved, how many have heard of Kathy Lynn Gloddy of Franklin, New Hampshire?

The fact is unless the story made national news who is going to bat an eye if law enforcement does not properly investigate the case?

Who is going to question those who are supposed to be questioning others?

Who is going to be the voice for the person who’s death was deemed a suicide when the evidence says it was anything but?

Who is going to find the justice these cases have been waiting for?